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             Wuhan MeiColor Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a modern professional packaging enterprise integrating research,development,manufacturing,processing,marketing and service in one.We produce aluminum foil bag,shielding bags,vacuum bags,desiccants,silica gel,humidity indicator cards,VCI bag & film,VCI paper and VCI desiccants,which are widely used in PCB, IC,LED,SMT,optic,selectronic components, precision machinery,auto parts, welding electrodes.. Introduced more>>
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        Wuhan MeiColor Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.

        Contact: Jesse Lee
        Tel: 027-61809288
        Fax: 027-61809288
        Mobile: 15392928169
        E-mail: service@meicolor.com
        Add: Dongxihu industry park,Wuhan,Hubei

        Add: Room 401,Building 31, Shenghai North Hankou Ave, Wuhu Industrial Park,HuangPi District, Wuhan,Hubei.China


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